11 Most Endangered Animal Species

Unfortunately, the biodiversity of the planet is in great danger, in recent years we witnessed the disappearance of thousands of species and subspecies of animals. The world needs to be warned about this serious problem, and was with sadness that I researched and drafted a list of 10 + species in the world. Watch and be amazed with the results of my research:

Unfortunately, biologists believe that if nothing is done, in about 5-10 years, the mountain gorilla will disappear from the face of the earth. The mountain gorilla of a live in the Virunga mountain , on the borders of Zaire, Rwanda and Uganda. Are threatened by poaching and the destruction of habitat. The causes of bushmeat hunting is (the gorillas are used as a kind of gastronomic delicacy) to serve as trophies (like the hands that are used to make ashtrays) and use these animals as guinea pigs in scientific experiments. Highlight for Dian Fossey, an American researcher killed by poachers. Dian dedicated his life to convince the world and finish the concept that the gorillas are monsters and are hungry and thirsty for blood, wrote books and made the famous National Geographic documentary of the gorillas in Bruma. Currently there are only 500 individuals left.

In the Mediterranean monk seal is currently the most threatened of Pinipedes (order that includes, the seals and sea lions). Once the species where populating all the Mediterranean coasts and islands of the archipelagos of Madeira and the Canary Islands, along the Atlantic coast of the Sahara (called the Coast of Seals) and the Black Sea. Today their presence is limited to Madeira, the coast of Seals and the Turkish coast. Its presence is likely but not certain on the shores of the Maghreb, Libya and Sardinia. This focuses more or less disappeared recently from Spain, France, Italy and the coast of Dalmatia. It is considered the most endangered European mammal. The people affluence at the beaches keep the seals from resting and giving birth, this is why they take refuge in caves, which reduces the good environment support and therefore also its presence.

It is the smallest species of rhinoceros, measures only a 1 to 1.5 m tall weighs about 1 tonne, compared with its larger cousin, the white rhino to 1.85 m in height and a weight of 3 tons, is much. It is the only Asian species that has two ‘horns’ and only covered with a rhino coat care. Has been, indeed connected with the glacial periods of the woolly rhinoceros. Live in Sumatra, Borneo, Malaysia and mainland Burma. It is extinct in India. They have been hunted by the popular theory that rhinoceros horns to be able to produce an aphrodisiac, so far it has not been proven. Of the 5 species is near extinction, even his cousin to Java, there are only 60 individuals, has been to recover and increase the number. Unlike him the rhinoceros of Sumatra has been decreasing dramatically. Currently there are 300 rhinos in Sumatra.

The Iberian lynx is considered the most endangered feline in the world, thinks that nothing is done it can disappear in 3 years. Exists only in Spain (100 individuals) and Portugal (5 or perhaps already extinct).

The progressive disappearance is due to the trampling on the roads, the poaching and miximatose from 1958 that decimated the population of rabbits (their only prey) in their existing territories.

The species enjoys total protection throughout the Iberian Peninsula, now try to reproduce in captivity, but without satisfactory results. It is the symbol of species threatened with extinction in Portugal, my country.

A kind of bird of the starling family that is critically endangered, it is estimated that there are only 12 birds in freedom in the Bali Barat National Park. The catch is illegal, even in the park for the national and international trade of captive birds, and deforestation have driven this species to extinction.

The rarity of this species is a symbol of high social status in Indonesia. They are protected by the law of this country since 1970 and they have made efforts to reintroduce the specie, but the illegal capture brings down the numbers continuously. It is estimated that there are about 1,000 animals in captivity, but with poor reproduction.

In all mammals the vaquita porpoise is what has the range narrower, survives only in the northern Gulf of California in coastal waters.

It is the smallest of cetaceans with only 1.49 m in length.

Are killed accidentally in fishing nets and a lack of food. It is estimated there is between 50 to 300 individuals.

The golden-bamboo lemur is considered one of the most endangered mammals in the world and the most endangered lemur in the world. It was discovered recently in 1987, southwest of the island of Madagascar in the Andringitra Nature Reserve, was also found in the Ranomafana National Park. We know very little about the habits of this lemur, there are currently 300 individuals. And very few in captivity. Are threatened by illegal killing and destruction of their habitat, which is very fragile.

Spixs Macaws where considered by the Guinness Records, the rarest bird in the world. The final copy has disappeared in October 2000, and how these parrots live in groups, the parrot (who was a male) ended up with a mate Maracanã (a kind of parrot). Currently there are 60 specimens in captivity, Brazil holds the ownership of only 8, the others are in private collections and subject to no contact with other individuals, not allowing the reproduction. As you can see this photo macaw has unique characteristics. The blue is a different tone and with a few gray feathers and the beak is less than the other species. May reach 56 cm, small compared with other more familiar cousins.

Baiji Dolphins, this specie is found along the 1,700 km of the three mouths of the Yangtze River in China. Can measure 2.5 meters and weigh 160 kg, and is blind as the majority of river dolphins are only guiding by a kind of radar. The number of dolphins has dropped dramatically from 6000 in 1950 to 400 in 1984. Now only 5 animals remain, is the most unusual and rarest cetacean mammal in the world and has been considered the most rare animal. The reproduction in captivity is absent, only with a solitary male called Qi Qi. The worst is knowing that at any time this dolphin can be extinguish a moment to another.

Amazed with the Baiji Dolphins? Then see this. Po’uli, named in Hawaii, is a bird that will extinguish any time, just because there is nothing less than 3 animals. A team of biologists is trying to capture the 3 subjects for a project to reproduce in captivity. The bird was discovered only in 1973 in the Haleakala volcano on Maui, the species was reduced to a few hundreds.

* Today is likely to already be extinct

Of the seven species of sea turtles listed, all are endangered. In Brazil, the principal reason for extinction is the unbridled hunting done by the people of coastal region, which kills the animal and take its eggs. Other reasons are also the incidental fishing, pollution of oceans and diseases such as fibropapilomatoses (a tumor that can cause death indirectly) that hamper the survival of these animals.


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