Remembering the Lesser Known Passengers That Died on the Titanic

Titanic Passengers | Victims of the Titanic Disaster Remembered

On the 15th of April 2015, it was exactly 103 years ago that mankind endured a great tragedy. A sadness that was felt from the poorest home in Europe to the wealthiest mansions in North America. The RMS Titanic, jewel of the White Star line, sank on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. We honour the memory of the 1517 victims that lost their lives that fateful evening.

The Forgotten Ones.

Book of Rememberance

This is a small Hub to remind us off the huge loss of life, that tragic night and to focus a bit more on some of the passengers that history has forgotten. Please spend one minute today, to reflect on your life and the people that are special to you. When the passengers and crew of Titanic waved goodbye – be it at Southampton or Queenstown, Ireland – it was for the last time.The ship sailed into history and into our hearts and minds. Please post a message in the Guestbook section, on your thoughts about this tragedy.

The Allison Family from Canada.

Titanic First Class

Three members of the wealthy Allison family from Canada perished. Father Hudson, Mother Bessie and Child Helen (2). Only their infant son, Trevor (11 months), survived the ordeal.

The Hickman Brothers – Leonard, Lewis and Stanley

Titanic Second Class

The Hickman Brothers – Leonard, Lewis and Stanley on their way to Manitoba Canada. Leonard left the United Kingdom for Canada in 1907 in search for a better life. This he found and he returned to the United Kingdom to ask his brothers to join him back in Canada. All three brothers perished. Read more about these brothers on BBC news Article

Benjamin and Ellen Howard

Titanic Second Class

Retired couple Benjamin and Ellen Howard from 85 Cheltenham St, Swindon, were on their way to the United States to visit their son Herbert.

Reverend Ernest C Carter and his wife Lilian

Titanic Second Class

Reverend Ernest C Carter and his wife Lilian from Exeter. The couple was offered space in one of the lifeboats, but they refused – saying “Let the others go first.” They both died that fateful evening.

Thomas Solomon Brown

Titanic Second Class

Thomas Solomon Brown an Hotelier from Cape Town who was on his way to Seattle to start a new hotel. He had stock, furnishings and linen for the new hotel in Titanic’s hold. Read more about his daughter Edith who became a well known survivor.

Harry and Shadrach Gale

Titanic Second Class

The Gale brothers, Harry and Shadrach from School Rd, Harrowbarrow Nr St Dominee, Cornwall. They were Cornish coal miners looking for a better life in Colorado. Read more about the brothers on Encyclopedia Titanica

The Goodwin family

Titanic Third Class

The Goodwin family from Melksham, Wiltshire, England. Father Fredrick, Mother Augusta, children Charles(14), Harold(9), Jessie(10), Lillian(16), Sidney(1) and William(11). The whole family perished. Read more about infant Sidney.

The Lefebvre family

Titanic Third Class

The Lefebvre family from France – Mother Frances and her four children Henry(4) ,Ida (2) ,Jeannie(6) and Mathilde (11) perished. They were on their way to be re-united with their father.

The Asplund family

Titanic Third Class

The Asplund family from Sweden, Father Carl and three children Carl(5), Gustaf(9) and Oscar(11) perished. Other members of the family survived, including the children’s mother. Read more about this family Encyclopedia Titanica . Read also more about one of the survivors, the daughter Lillian .

The Danbom family

Titanic Third Class

The Danbom family from Gothenburg in Sweden. Father Ernest, Mother Sigrid and little baby Gillbert (4 months).

The Jussila sisters

Titanic Third Class

The Jussila sisters, Katrina(20) and Mari(21) from Finland. They were on their way to North America, in their search for a better life.

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